Was there ever a genuine will to save Greece?

Over the last months European politicians used the rhetoric of saving Greece. And Juncker these days presented the final offer as an offer they couldn’t refuse. Europe was caring about the Greece and this offer was in their own best interest.

But what means it to be saved with new austerity measures after five years of economic hardship, increased unemployment and savings that have dissipated ? What does it mean to be cared for if the debt burden is only to last longer by prolonging the repayment scheme?

I always learnt that saving and caring starts with really understand what is the situation of the other, with deep listening of the  concerns and anxieties of the other. The European packages has never been more than making sure that the Greece will pay back, sooner or later. And of course it is a pity that there are so many poor people in Greece nowadays, but unfortunately, they have to pay. It seems that what is really saved is the political and electoral positions of the European governments and the financial interests.

When the new commission of Juncker started in November last year he talked about a Europe that should care more about the vulnerable.

But what is Europe all bout after we let down, in one week  the refugees in the  Mediterranean and the Greece? Why should the vulnerable in and outside Europe believe that saving and caring is more than rhetoric?